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Specialising in unique, modern, eye-catching jewellery featuring bespoke designs handcrafted by Rachel Bradbury


Ring photo Rachel Bradbury is the jewellery designer and maker behind RLB Designs, which produces bespoke and ready to wear rings. This newly established business showcases a range of jewellery skills revolving primarily around design and manufacture.

After completing a Contemporary Crafts degree at Coventry University, the University invited RLB Designs to exhibit the current range at the inaugural Festival of Innovation. The festival was a showcase of regional ideas and forward thinking held at the NEC in Birmingham.

About the design

The interlocking design of the rings was inspired by the sentiment of an occasion or moment. The underlying duality of these rings lends itself beautifully to shared occasions such as marriage and anniversaries while giving you a unique and individual piece of jewellery.

High quality gold and silver gives an eye-catching effect to these exquisite designs. Engraved words, oxidisation and enamel are included in the design to further express the meaning of these modern pieces. On commission a one-off individual piece can be created and personalised for you.

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  • A Registered Design Application (RDA) for the rings' design has been filed.